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Forbes magazine, 07.15.13 (cover story)
Toby Keith, Cowboy Capitalist: Country’s $500 Million Man
Country superstar Toby Keith has some of the most loyal fans in music. And he owns enough product extensions to make sure they’re also some of the most lucrative. Personal earnings so far: $500 million.



Around The World in 20 Days: three weeks, twelve countries, and highlights including a Jay-Z concert in Germany, a ski trip in Dubai and a glimpse of the future in China. Here are my blog entries from abroad in the summer of 2010.

Around the World: Part I
In which Zack consumes a Guinness breakfast and encounters technical difficulties.

Around the World: Part II
In which Zack shatters dreams in Innsbruck and sees Plastic People in Prague.

Around the World: Part III
In which Zack becomes aware of German singer Lena and eats questionable meat.

Around the World: Part IV
In which Zack travels to Berlin and debunks the myth of the jelly doughnut.

Around the World: Part V
In which Zack visits Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and, sort of accidentally, Oman.

Around the World: Part VI
In which Zack journeys to Hong Kong, Macau, and The Real China before heading home to New York.

But wait, there’s bonus material! Here are a few of the articles I wrote about my travels:, 08.05.10
A Visit to Chigny-Les-Roses
Ever wonder about the origin of those gold bottles that keep popping up in Jay-Z’s videos? This is it., 07.09.10
A Bubbly Hideaway
L’Assiette Champenoise — the first stop on my trip through Europe.

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